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Animation & Video Production

Do you have story to tell?

Graphic Design

clearly define your brand with creative graphics

Desktop Publishing

print is not dead, long live print

do you need a new website?

or a website redesign?

you should go with a pro

If you’re the type of business owner who likes to share the uniqueness of your business and have a hand in the way your brand is communicated, it’s wise to go with a custom website.

personalized design

Every Reedy Design's website is custom-fit to your business' unique needs. A brand new custom theme is created for each project using WordPress. DIY sites like Wix offer mostly inflexible, dead-end templates.


I bring the experience garnered from 20 years of providing web design for a variety of small and medium-sized business owners to your unique business. Let me guide you through pitfalls easily avoided.

freedom of choice

If you opt for Wix or Squarespace, you are stuck with them. If you want to leave, you are left having to start over from scratch, nothing is transferable. WordPress is available at ANY web host and can be transferred at will.

A WordPress site can be built to do anything, while those other options do not offer this flexibility.
If you want full control of your site design and function now and into the future, you want to go with a pro.

a site you can count on

Reedy Designs Websites include these essential features:

easy to use for customers

We will carefully plan your potential customer's experience. They will find what they are looking for with minimum effort. They will be guided to what you are most interested in them seeing

easy to edit for you

You can edit your words and add images and products, after one quick lesson. Or you can leave all the content to me.

looks good on any device

Google is about "Phone First" Website  Design. Responsive website design ensures the content flows well into any size screen. Mobile Optimization further improves the layout.

These and more features are included with every Reedy Designs website.

those little extras that make all the difference

Take your site to another level with these Reedy Design services.


Video compositions, using a variety of media and motion graphics can be valuable promotion tools. A video background can also be highly effective as the "hero" element on your homepage.

graphic design

Custom Graphics establish your brand further, creating a richer user experience. Images echoing the design of the site can be created for your social network profiles.


stand out from your competitors

expand your brand

desktop publishing

print is not dead

many useful printed materials for business owners